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Poems by Abdul Rasheed MD; PhD     


Hank Compton of South Haven

Composed on 17 September 1988

He took part in Europe's liberation
In the greatest world conflagration.

His height and personality at once drew one's attention
Though he never used these for exploitation.

From life and work he drew great satisfation
Honesty and fairness characterised him, with accommodation.

With no degrees received at a convocation
He proved that insight and ingenuity are greater qualifications.

A self-made man, he lived a life of dedication
With the wisdom of a true freemason.

Amazingly sharp and clear he was in mentation
In spite of a war injury of possible ablation.

This was Hank Compton of South Haven
Of whom I sing in praise and appreciation-

One who was spared by many a bullet in a great confrontation
To die in his own home, with no easily understood explanation.

And some asked me, since I was Asian
Of fate and predestination.

Author's Annotaion: Hank Compton was a good friend of my brother and sister-in-law's. This peom was written as an obituary when he died. Hank was a World War II veteran. In the going down of the Sun and in the morning we shall remember him.