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Kakaage - Divehi Ganduvar Photo Album 2


From left: Hilihilaagey Moosa Didi, Kakaagey Hussain Didi (known in Minicoy as Divehi Ganduvar Hussain Manikfan), his younger daughter Oludugothi Kadeeja Manika and her half brother Kakaagey Ali Didi. Hilihilaagey Moosa Didi was married to Tuttu Amina Didi, daughter of Henveyrugey Ali Kuda-Rannabandeyri Kilegefan and Kakaagey Fatima Didi daughter of Kakaagey Ismail Didi. This photo was taken in the early 1950s when Moosa Didi and Ali Didi briefly visited Minicoy.

Landuran Augothi Ebrahim Manikfan, husband of Dievhi Ganduvaru Kadeeja Manika daughter of Kakaagey Abdullah Faarhanaa Kilegefan. Educated in the British ruled city of Calcutta in the late 19th century, Ebrahim Manikfan was the first person from the then Cannanore territory of Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands to be educated in the English curriculum.

Kakaagey Abdullah Faarhanaa Kilegefan's family. From left: Divehi Ganduvar Kadeeja Manika and her sister Amina Manika standing at the back. The older lady seated is their mother Divehi Ganduvar Aysha Manika. The child on her lap is Kadeeja Manika's daughter Fatima Manika. Circa mid 1920s.

Divehi Ganduvar Kadeeja Manika with her children. Daughter Fatima Manika on her mother's lap. On the left is Divehi Ganduvar Hassan Manikafan and on the right, Divehi Ganduvar Mohamed Didi

Note that the Malé nobility who bore the name of Manikfan changed it in favour of Didi in the late 18th century. The Minicoy nobility and certain families in the southern Maldive atolls retain Manikfan until present times. In Minicoy, Manikfan ladies are called Manika but in the Maldive south, females too are called Manikfan. Manika is not to be confused with the middle class Maldive name of Manike. Young Mohamed Didi must have been named to reflect the family's close ties with Malé.

Divehi Ganduvar Hassan Manikfan, son of Divehi Ganduvar Kadeeja Manika and Landuran Augothi Ebrahim Manikfan. The Maldives and Minicoy was traditionally a matriarchal society. People took the family name of their mother. The Maldives succumbed to Arab colonialist infiltration and became patriarchal gradually from the 14th century. Minicoy remains proudly indigenous in that regard. Divehi Ganduvar Hassan Manikfan's wife's mother was Athiri-Ganduvar Bouge Don Manika, daughter of Isdhooge Haji Kuda Maniku of Malé.