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Kakaage - Divehi Ganduvar Photo Album 1

Peer of the Realm, Kakaagey Abdullah Faarahanaa Kilegefan son of Mavaa Ganduvar Don Didi and the Prince and Peer of the Realm Kakaagey Ali Rannabandeyri Kilegefan son of Ibrahim Rannabandeyri Manikfan and the Princess and Peer of the Realm Kakaagey Aysha Rani Kilegefan (Kalu Goma) daughter of Donbeenaagey Amina Didi and Mohamed Muizzuddine Iskander, King of Twelve Thousand Isles and Sultan of the Maldives. Abdullah Faarhanaa Kilegefan married Divehi Ganduvar Aysha Manika of Minicoy. This photo was taken very early in the 20th century.

Peer of the Realm, Kakaagey Mohamed Rannabandeyri Kilegefan, brother of Abdullah Faarhanaa Kilegefan. Mohamed Rannabandeyri Kilegefan was Prime Minister of the Maldives several times in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Kakaagey Abdullah Faarahanaa Kilegefan and his grandson Kakaagey Ali Didi circa 1924

Kakaagey Hussain Didi (known in Minicoy as Divehi Ganduvar Hussain Manikfan) and his son Kakaagey Ali Didi. Hussain Didi's father was Kakaagey Abdullah Faarahanaa Kilegefan. Ali Didi's mother was Kakaagey Aysha Didi daughter of Serikkal Don Manika and Kakaagey Ismail Didi brother of Kakaagey Abdullah Faarahanaa Kilegefan. Early 1950s.

Kakaagey Ali Didi's mother Kakaagey Aysha Didi (recovering from an operation in the 1970s) and her brother Kakaagey Ahmed Hilmy Faarhanaa Kilegefan, at that time Maldive ambassador to Sri Lanka.

Old Divehi Ganduvar in Minicoy. This beautiful heritage building is now demolished and replaced by a concrete structure which is still called Divehi Ganduvar. This residence was originally built by a Maldive rebel leader and Kateeb of Utheem island, Mohamed Bodu Thakurufan in the mid-16th century. Bodu Thakurufan and his brothers and followers rebelled against Andiri Andirin, the regent in Malé for the Hilaaly King Manoel Siri Dhirikusa Loka (previously known as Hassan IX). Based in Minicoy, Bodu Thakurufan and his rebels raided the Maldives and eventually captured Malé in 1573 and assassinated Andiri Andirin. Due to the collapse of an alliance with the Ali Raja of Cannanore, Thakurufan was later forced to enter into peace with the Hilaaly king, who lived in Goa. Thakurufan was consequently appointed co-regent along with his brother Hassan Thakurufan.