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Parliament of the United Suvadives Republic   
 1959 -1963   


The following is a list of the Addu Atoll members of the Parliament of the United Suvadive Islands Republic. Due to military action by the Malè government, elections could not be held in the other two constituent Atolls of the Republic- Huvadu and Fuah Mulaku. Democratic elections were held in Addu Atoll and the votes each member polled are given beside his name.

Addu Atoll
Hithadhoo - 17 members
851 Moosa Ali Didi     
843 Ahmed Salih Ali Didi 
840  Moosa Ahmed Didi 
761 Ibrahim Abdul Hameed Didi 
750 Ali Famy Didi
734   Kalhaage Ali Manikaa
596 Moosa Musthafaa
589      Mohamed Saeed
589  Abdulla Habeeb
579 Mohamed Ibrahim Didi
524 Hussein Ahmed
523 Ali Muruthalaa   
506 Abdul Majeed Saleem
487    Abdulla Moosa Didi
483 Abdulla Azeez
457    Abdulla Ali
422 Abbeyyaage Ibrahim Didi
Meedhoo - 7 members
187 Mohamed Naseem
186 Abdullah Nafiz
185 Ibrahim Fahmy Didi
182   Abdulla Bagir
157 Mohamed Waheed
144  Mudhin Didige Mohamed Didi
90  Kadhaa Didige Abdulla Didi
Hulhudhoo - 8 members
192 Mudhin Thakhaanu
174 Mohamed Thaafeeq
173 Mohamed Ibrahim
172 Thakhaanuge Ali Thakhaan
171   Rekididige Waheed
170 Thakhaanuge Mohamed Thakhaan
170 Gaumaathage Mohamed Thakurufan
151 Ali Manikfan Kudhufokolhuge
Gan Feydhoo - 10 members
362 Dhonrahaa Khatheeb
350   Abdullah Manikfan Khatheeb
350     Dhonthuththu Khatheeb
344  Hussein Manikfan Khatheeb
343 Eedugaluge Ibrahim Manikfan
336 Eedugaluge Ahmed Manikfan
298  Beyruge Ahmed Manikfan
295  Eedugaluge Ali Manikfan
198 Zakariya Mohamed
187 Hussein Manikfan Moosa Rahaage
Maradhoo Feydhoo - 3 members
135 Ahmed Zahir Khatheeb
85 Ahmed Moosa
70  Ahmed Wafir Khatheeb
Maradhoo - 6 members
218    Moosa Khatheeb
205 Mohamed Waheed Khatheeb
189 Hassan Saeed
169  Abdullah Saeed
140 Vakarugey Dhonrahaa
121   Moosa Wajdee
Appointed by the President of the Republic
Mohamed Ibrahim Didi