Maldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi
Genealogical Manuscript

The following are two pages of an undated manuscript containing genealogical information that could be of interest to families with their roots in Fua Mulaku and Addu Atoll in the Maldives. These two territories were at one time two provinces of the United Suvadive Republic.

We acknowledge, with thanks, the Maldive National Library as the source of the manuscript.

It is presumed that copyright over this document has expired as provided for in Section 22 (3) of the Copyright Act 1994.

"Midu Haanevi Kalo's son Dhon Bui Kalo's son Dhon Seenia's daughter Dhon Faathin Boo's son the fakir Yoosuf magistrate Thakurufan's five children: One, Dhon Aihaa Kambulo; second, Abubakr magistrate Kalo; third, Yahya magistrate Kalo; fourth, Abudu magistrate Kalo; fifth, Hoadhadi kateeb Kalo. Their mother is Mariyam Boo, with the exception of Hoadhadi kateeb Kalo (whose) mother is Hoadhadi Don Bulhali Yahya magistrate Kalo's issue Dhon Kaidhaa Kambulo from his marriage to Don Dhoni Kabulo's daughter Dhon Aihaa Kabulo's daughter Dhon Dhee Kaalege. This (Dhon Kaidhaa) Kambulo"

"(from her) marriage to Dhon Dhoni Kambulo's daughter Dhon Aihaa Kambulo's son Dhon Seedhi Kalo's son Dhon Ali Kalo issued Mahamoud magistrate (whose) daughter Dhon Buboo's daughter Dhon Faathiyaa Boo's daughter Keyolhaaraa's daughter Sanfaa Beefanu's son Sheikh Mohamed judge's son Ahmed Shihabuddine. The Egyptian (Koran) memory reader Mohamed's son Hassan Ranahamaadhi Thakurufan's son Sheikh Mohamed chief judge's son Ahmed Shihabuddine.


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