Christian mall and Hindu warship


16 April 2006

"Christian" mall to be demolished

It was reported in Malé yesterday that a mall built by an alleged Christian missionary organisation in Kuluduffurhi island in the Maldives is to be demolished at the orders of the Maldive mullahs.

The irony is that the Maldive authorities themselves had spent about $12,500 on the foundation of the mall (source: Haveeru newspaper). The prefabricated mall was facilitated by a British charity called Maldives Aid established in the wake of the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 (click here for background). As far as can be ascertained, Maldives Aid does not have any Christian affiliation. Nevertheless the Maldive authorities accuse a founding trustee of Maldives Aid, David Hardingham of being both a Christian missionary and an Islamic terrorist.

Mr Hardingham must be the only person in the world to hold that dubious distinction.

It would be a wothwhile exercise to determine if Mr Hardingham is a Sunni Christian or a Shia Christian. Perhaps he is an Ismaili Borah Christian.

A thought just crossed the mind! All this fuss is not about Christian missionaries at all. David Hardingham's name ends with the three letters "HAM". Mr Hardingham must be a butcher who deals in hams. He must be conspiring to feed the good people of Kuluduffurhi the dreaded oorumas- pig flesh. (see note)

A site visitor wrote:

If HardingHAM had offered a cross like BuckingHAM Palace did the mall might have survived!

The Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Fareesha O'Shea of Maldives Culture was once arrested by Maldive Police who accused her of importing a Buddha statute used for Christian worship, from Indonesia. So any permutation or combination of religious affiliation is possible with the Maldive authorities.

One has to wonder why the Maldive authorities have not resorted to one of the traditional fanditha black magic rituals to purge the Christian effects left by the Islamic Christian missionaries.

There is an array of old fanditha black magic spells still used in the Maldives that can be conjured up to cast out any evil spells of the alleged Christian missionaries.

If all else fails a quick trip to Mecca to kiss the Black Stone will be sufficient to absolve one of all undesirable effects of the Islamic Druid Christian pig butcher. That will, however, be possible after enduring the customary humiliation by Saudi officials who spit at Maldive pilgrims and throw their passports on the floor for being "subhuman" southern Asians.

"Hindu" warship accepted

In a historic military transaction, India today transferred its naval ship the Tillanchang to the control of the Maldives National Security Service coast guard. The Maldive authorities are to name the ship Huravee in memory of the King Siri Kula Ran Meeba Audha Keerithi Katthiri Bavana (reigned 1759-1766) who was also known as Dom Bandaarain. He was the most illustrious king of our dynasty the Royal House of Huragey and Hilaaly.

By naming the ship after the King, unwittingly, or perhaps deliberately, the Maldive authorities may be making a political statement. The King was the last Maldive general to defeat an occupying force from the Indian subcontinent. In 1752 he ended a short lived occupation of Malé by the Ali Raja of Cannanore.

In 1766 Dom Bandaarain acceded to the throne, restoring the dynasty of his family's last crowned head, the King Dom Philippe, who was deposed in 1632. Dom Bandaarain's descendants reigned in the Maldives until 1968.

It is also interesting that the ship was received on behalf of the Maldives by Ismail Shafeeu, one of the six descendants of Dom Bandarain serving in the current republican cabinet. Shafeeu's mother the Princess Tuttu Goma, who is the grand daughter of the King Mohamed Imadudine VI was nominated in 1952 to succeed to the throne. Her succesion was vetoed by Islamic mullahs. In 1953, the mullahs closed the loophole that still allowed a woman to rule in the Maldives as head of state.

The other descendants of Dom Bandaarain who are Shafeeu's ministerial colleagues are, the Prince Mohamed "Dean" Waheedudine, Abdullah Kamaludine, Mohamed Jaleel Zahiya Zareer and Mauroof Jameel.


We were too hasty in passing a tongue-in-cheek remark about pig flesh. Someone who had entered a comment in Haveeru newspaper actually believes that Friends of Maldives, the sister organisation of Maldives Aid was in the business of feeding Maldivians the flesh of swine. The comment follows:


ފްރެންޑްސް އޮފް މޯލްޑިވްސް ވަނީ ސުނާމީގައި ދިވެހީން ހާލުގައި ޖެހުނު ދަނޑިވަޅު ދިވެހީންނަށް އޫރުމަސް ވެސް ބަހާފަ. މިއީ ދިވެހި ވަރަށް ގިނަ ބަޔަކަށް އެނގޭ ކަމެއް.

"While Maldivians were desperate following the tsunami, Friends of Maldives had distributed swine flesh among Maldivians. This is something that is known to many Maldivians"