Maldive Name Nazis - Part 2



22 September 2007

There are absolutely no public guidelines on what constitutes a name that is permissible in Islam. It is left up to the whims and fancies of some bearded freak who probably spent the previous night beating up one of his four wives, according to "holy" law.

Maldive parents are forced to fill in a form and spell their child's name in Arabic. The form is then submitted to the Supreme Council for Islam to be whetted for the name's Islamic authenticity before civil authorities are permitted to register it. There are absolutely no public guidelines on what constitutes a name that is permissible in Islam. It is left up to the whims and fancies of some bearded freak who probably spent the previous night beating up one of his four wives, as per the Koran [Surah el-Nisaa: 34].

The Maldives currently claims to be implementing a political reform process that is supposed to usher in democracy. And yet no one seems to be prepared to address the root cause of despotism, lack of individual dignity and breach of human rights in the islands. Both the Maldive government and the opposition pretend that this cause does not exist, are powerless to dispose of it or actively condone it.

In editorials last year and in 2005, we wrote about the issue of forcing Maldive parents to adopt names that are determined by arbitrary ruling of mullahs who answer to superiors in the jihadist hotbeds of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Malaysia.

In last year's editorial we stated that a few older Maldivians still have traditional Divehi language names. This in spite of Maldivians being forced to take Arabic or Arabic-sounding names for years by the ruling mullahs.

One such person, a well-known sports personality in his youth, was yelled at and had his passport thrown on the floor and spat on at Jeddah airport. He was on his way to perform an Islamic pilgrimage. His only crime was having the insubordinate audacity to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a pilgrim using his own name. He was accused of being an infidel attempting to defile "holy" sites that are strictly out of bounds to najis (unclean) sub-humans.

Saudi Arabia operates an apartheid-like system in which najis infidels are segregated away from certain locations and have to keep to certain roads. The reaction of Saudi customs officials to the Maldive pilgrim who had an indigenous name was the result of this racist policy.

Following this incident Maldive authorities have strictly prohibited the few remaining Maldivians who have native Divehi names from using their real names in their passports. These people are assigned "Islamic" names that they had never used in their lives.

Newborn children must have their names whetted by Arab-braiwashed mullahs using the following form, which is addressed, in this case, by the Malé city local authority to the Supreme Council for Islam in the Maldives:

Name Nazi form

In the name of Allah, ArRahman and ArRaheem

Malé Municipality/ Malé Population Section

Slip issued to have name passed

  • Name submitted to be passed: ____________________
  • Gender: __________________
  • Name spelt in Arabic using diacritical marks: _________________
  • Meaning of name: __________________________________
  • Full name of child/ adult: _____________________________________
  • The above name is a name of the ____________ language. The Islamic cult permits the above name to be used for Muslims.
  •     -    -     1428
        -    -     2007

  • Name-passing dignitary's:

      Signature: _____________
      Name: ______________________
      Permanent address:_________________
      Contact phone number: ____________

  • Note:Should the name in this slip not be passed, we request that you please
            enter another name nominated by the child's guardian and pass it.

Telephone number: 3342521   3323914                                                             Fax: 3329272

Islamic colonialists and their local collaborators in Malé last week. Annual onslaught to eliminate indigenous values. They require that native names are suppressed.

One has to wonder why the poor, colonial, Maldive subject is required to spell his or her child's name in the Arabic script, let alone use diacritical marks. What is that going to prove? Are these bearded owners of pea-brains inadvertently insulting their imperial masters' "noble" language? Aren't they implying that Arabic is not articulate enough to allow infidel names to be spelt in its script? Is the test of what constitutes an Islamic name, being able to spell it in the Arabic script? If that were the case, then George Bush, Benedict XVI, Dalai Lama and Ariel Sharon are all Islamic names. One only has to pick up an Arabic language newspaper to find it full of infidel names.

These people are also insulting the Divehi language and perverting Maldive laws. Why else would these mullahs require Maldivians to spell their children's names in a foreign script in a Divehi language document? According to Maldive law, the official language of the Maldives is Divehi.

A visitor to this web site has pointed out that Urdu and Persian names are permissible under Maldive law. No one seems to be able to find such a law or regulation written down anywhere. If it exists, it may be ingrained in the hearts of the Islamo-fascist mullahs who enforce the Name-Nazi regulation. But why Persian and Urdu? What is so special about these languages? Are they Islamic languages that Mohamed spoke? Urdu did not exist in Mohamed's time. Why not Malay? Malaysia is another country full of these zealous slaves to Arab colonialism. How does a language convert to Islam? Does it have to recite the shahadeh, wear a burqa and undergo genital mutilation before being dubbed an Islamic language acceptable to the Maldive Name Nazis?

The middle name of the son of this writer is a Divehi word. It is absurd that a Divehi name has to be spelt in the Arabic script in an official Maldive document, in order to meet the approval of a wannabe Arab who probably went by himself on his honeymoon, leaving his bride at home to cook.

Consistency never seems to be a factor in determining what constitutes an Islamic name. Mohamed himself allowed his immediate followers to retain their pre-Mohamedan Pagan names. Names such as Ali, Omar, Othman and even Mohamed were given to their most famous owners after their families had divined arrows to Allah and other pre-Mohamedan Pagan gods of the Kaaba.

Even in the Maldives, consistency does not seem to be an issue when it comes to endorsing a name as Islamic. The name of a great nephew of the wife of the Maldive president of the republic is Jude. This name appears to have met with the approval of the Name-Nazi mullahs and endorsed as an Islamic name. Or they may have been too afraid to earn the wrath of the Maldive first woman and lose their air-conditioned offices and perks. The fact is that Jude is a Latin variant of the Hebrew name Yehudi. Ironically, the word Yehudi in Arabic means "Jew"!

By insisting that a child's name given at birth be changed, the Republic of Maldives is contravening Paragraph 1 of Article 7 and Paragraph 1 of Article 8 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child which it ratified on 13 March 1991.

Name Nazi

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