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The Era of White Rose Eve

Composed on 18 July 1988

I often heard of a White Rose Eve

As I hung on to my mother’s sleeve

For then the talk of the town was White Rose Eve.

Even as a child I did perceive

The wide attention she did receive

For the talk of the town was White Rose Eve.

Sitthifulu for whom the three ministers took leave

Never did cause such tales to weave

For then the talk of the town was only White Rose Eve.

Maambay’s Mary was third in line, I believe

For her laughter caused a mighty heave

But the talk of the town was always White Rose Eve.

Kaidaafaan’s silken veils could not deceive

For the populace of Male was never naïve

So the talk of the town remained White Rose Eve.

These were the beauties of an era when there was little to grieve

Though by way of progress, it did not much achieve

The talk of the town was then White Rose Eve.

Author’s Annotation: "White Rose Eve" stood for "Whaytu-rors Hawwa". Hawwa is the koranic Arabic transliteration for Eve, and a common name in the Maldives. "Whaytu-rors" stood for "White Rose", a popular line of imported cosmetics and grooming products at that time. Maambay’s Mary was a young maiden called Maambay Maryam Fulu. These two women and two others called Sitthifulu and Kaidaafaan, were socialites in Male in the late 1930’s.