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The two faces of man

Iblis is Mister Hyde in Man

Who whispers in every ear if he can,

Whispers often like a lover beauteous and vain.

He never sleeps nor is ever silent

And makes one a gentleman by day with refinement

But a crook and rowdy by night with evil intent.

He it is who appears on one side of our coin,

On the other side is the saint in us to join-

These are the two faces of Man!

Despair not, my friend, over manís meanness

For the light is only visible in darkness-

This dual nature of man was created in all fairness.

Opposites are no accidents in nature

Like males and females of every creature-

A North and South Pole are a universal feature.

Authorís annotation: Iblis is a koranic term for Lucifer. According to Islamic tradition, Iblis was an archangel named Israfil, before his fall. God, according to the Koran and tradition, created Adam out of clay. He then ordered all the angels to prostrate before Adam, who was superior to angels because he was given the discretion to choose between right and wrong. Iblis refused to prostrate before Adam claiming that angels were created of fire and as such were superior to Adam. For his arrogance, Iblis was cast out of the celestial realms and forever remains Adamís descendantsí mortal enemy